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Expert for IT infrastructures.

I am specialized in data networks and Unified Communications (Collaboration, Telephony and Video of organizations). To Contact me see Contact.

For TPEs as well as for international companies (CAC40, Fortune 500), I supply service as technical consultant on the last technologies of IT infrastructures.
For Freelances, I provide trainings and bring help to the documentation and on-deamnd technical support.

Neworks and Unified Communications Technology

LAN and WIFI Networking Consulting Services
Network Security Consulting Services
ToIP and VoIP Consulting Services
WAN Networking Consulting Services

Some figures on projects in which I was involved

Reference Sectors

Competitive Advantage

Services for freelance

My customers need a pricing adapted to their finance. But also need to acquire a very sharp expertise allowing them to make the difference to conclude sales and be effective in the realization of their projects.
They also need services saving their time to maximize the one that they dedicates in their own production of services.
Having a good experience of these needs, i created my services accordingly to the same real-life experience.
Technical expertise on products of IT infrastructures
Help in writing Technical Documentation
On-Demand Technical Support
Project Support

Services for companies

My customers need expertise for a short periode of time. They ask for my consultancy services to participate in they operations on IT infrastructures and telephony infrastructure. I bring them efficiency, in a domain i know for more than 20 years.
Existing Assessment
see URGENT Computer Network and Telephony SUPPORT for recents incidents and outage.
see Recurrent Problem Solving for long term problems not necessary bloking your production


As the European market is growing in the new infrastructures high-tech sector, i accept missions in Europa:
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