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Recurrent Problem Solving

Here are some sample of Recurrent Problems i (Troubleshooting ask for knowledge, long term problem solving ask for knowledge, transversal domains practice and long term experience) did solve. People generaly, don't like problems, for me i like to solve them:
LAN-Wifi Problem Solving
Description Context Certif. Exam 1
DHCP range overlaping issues Some hundred users (ToIP installation) CCIE R&S lab.
Search for fantom equipement unregistered servers (during site assessment) CCIE R&S lab.
Search for high CPU usage on 4500 Serie Catalyst Cisco Switch Cabling loop on low-end user switch CCIE R&S lab.

WAN Problem Solving
Description Context Certif. Exam
BGP area database route failure 7200 Serie Cisco Router on Renater (French Universities Internet Network ) CCIE R&S lab.
Route load-balancing problem for UDP trafic 3800 Serie Cisco Routeurs (Bank Network) CCIE R&S lab.

VoIP/ToIP Problem Solving
Description Context Certif. Exam
Current loop in cabling system and wrong rack grounding, random reset of IP Phones some 100 users (old building) CCIE R&S lab.

Security Problem Solving
Description Context Certif. Exam
VPN between a subsidiary in Shanghai (China) and Headquaters in Paris (France), was MTU problem VPN on Internet CCIE R&S lab.

Note: For more efficiency in solving the issue, i can ask you to provide me with up to date informations:
  • Revelant Network map with devices IP address and Name
  • A description of the recurring problem (symptoms, start problem date and time , recurring period, impacted sites and users)
  • Access to the configuration of the revelant devices
If you don't have these up to date information, existing assessment could be neccessary.

1 revelant Certification Exam

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